Restaurants - Are You Proud of Your Sourcing? You'll Want to See This.

We've learned a lot from selling spices to more than 400 restaurants, but one of the biggest things we're happy to see is how many chefs truly care about where their ingredients come from.

But, until now, there's never been a way to quantify or measure those efforts in a way to share with the public. That also meant there was no way for guests to know how transparent restaurants were really being with them. 

Until now, with the Good Food 100.


Started in Boulder by Sara Brito in 2017, the Good Food 100 is a way to "offer chefs and restaurants a badge of honor for not just how good their food tastes, but how good it is for every link of the food chain." Brito described it to us as "the Inc. 500 of food sourcing. 

All US restaurants are eligible to apply for free, and the deadline has been extended to May 25. All you have to do is fill out this form answering questions about your sourcing, and you'll receive a grade in September. 

If you're taking time to invest back into the local economy by working with local suppliers and farms, this is your chance to get the credit. You've earned it. 

For more information about the Good Food 100, click here. And, to see where restaurants stood last year, click here

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