Up Your Spice Game with Our Quarterly GHOSTrack

Don't fight about what's for dinner. Leave it to the experts and let GHOSTrack decide. 

One of the biggest frustrations we hear is that people: (A.) never know what to make for dinner or (B.) don't know what to buy at the grocery store to get their creative juices flowing. We're ending the dinner debate and taking the guesswork out of the equation with the GHOSTrack — your newest obsession from The Spice Guy team.

What is GHOSTrack?

GHOSTrack is the quarterly spice club you've been waiting for — one filled with spices and spice blends used by real chefs and home cooks alike. Only $59.95 (on sale now for $44.95!), earns you a special delivery from The Spice Guy every three months.

Each box has three restaurant-quality spice blends and one essential spice to heat things up in your kitchen. Each spice jar is stuffed with four ounces of flavor on the inside, and linked together into a wooden spice rack we made ourselves just for you.

We've learned when spices are out of sight, they tend to be out of mind. Hanging your all-natural spices somewhere accessible on this local Colorado shelf will keep the creativity flowing. With one shelf of spices delivered with the necessary hardware each quarter, you'll have a full set by December. (And a f*ck ton of anticipation in between) 


When will I get each quarterly spice club delivery? 

Deliveries come the third week of March, June, September and December. The final day to sign up for the next delivery is MARCH 13, and there's only a few left, so sign up NOW here

Do I get to know what's inside?

YES. Inside this quarter's box, you'll find three of our most popular blends and a staple favorite — mentioned in our guide to salt

Win a FREE Subscription

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"Quit fighting. Just eat good food."

And now, a message from our founder Zach.


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