Whole Spices Vs. Ground Spices

What do I buy? How do I get these hard fuckers to turn into powder? 

This age old question is one that haunts chefs and home cooks alike. Allow me to put this to rest. The answer is that WHOLE SPICES are always better. Grinding spices is easy, it will cost you about 20 bucks to buy a coffee/spice grinder from amazon or any one else really. Ninja makes a fun one for $25.00.

Okay, so the greatest thing about whole spices is that they keep their flavor for about 2x longer than the ground version of themselves. 

The other magical part of whole spices is the ability to toast and roast. For some of you, it's been a long time since you roasted any herbs (millennials need not ponder this thought). Just the same as the herbs you used to roast in your parents basement, edible herbs need the same love.

Try roasting fennel seeds before you use them and smell your dish come alive as you cook. This is fun, another SIMPLE element to making good food even better.