Why being able to cook actually matters...

WARNING: This might work and you might have to delete Tinder off your phone. 

We've all been there, it's that 3rd or 4th date and it's time to really put the charm on. You've made fun of the food that you ate on dates 2 and 3 and you've probably talked about your cooking prowess. (Idiot) 

Now it's time to cook for your new found attraction. What are you going to make? Pasta? Well that seems fucking easy. (Yes, she thinks so too.) Steak? Bold move. Chicken? You don't think every other tinder using, mid-twenties dumbass can cook a chicken breast? They can, but, YOU have a secret weapon, an unfair advantage. You have The Spice Guy. 

Take this chick (or dude, I don't know) on a world tour. Let them taste flavor from Asia, the Middle East, Mexico, Europe and all the other awesome places we buy all these bad ass spices from. 

Disclaimer**- Your date is going to think you actually know what the fuck you're doing. If you pair your main dish with a side of cous cous and some greens, YOU'RE going to think you actually know what the fuck you're doing. Using spices could alter the fate of your life. You are welcome.

Cooking is only getting cold food hot. Sure, there are techniques that will help you, but at the end of the day you can cook edible food easily. That's even if you don't have all the tricks down.