Wholesale Spices in Denver

Wholesale Spices in Denver

The Spice Guy        Wholesale Spices in Colorado

We sell spices to 500+ restaurants in the great state of Colorado and beyond.

Restaurants across the country work with The Spice Guy to purvey bulk raw spices, herbs, custom spice blends, and much more.

We ship any quantity from 1 lb. to pallets from our headquarters in Denver, Colorado

The Spice Guy has over 150 custom house blends that are ready to roll into your recipes.

​Our expertise includes:

  • Steak, chicken, fish, and vegetable rubs and blends, we've done hundreds of marinades, pumps, injections, cures, and natural curing processes.
  • Mixes for sauces, dressings, BBQ, pizza seasonings and dough mixes.
  • Batters, Dredge's and stuffings
  • Bulk raw spices, herbs and ingredients.

Custom Spice Blends

With the highest level of CONFIDENTIALITY, we can blend any amount from 5 pounds up to a truckload of your proprietary formulas. We will sign NDA's with you to ensure that your secret stays yours. We offer tons of solutions for helping you create your custom blend. Our team is capable of matching your current blends from any other spice company out there as well as running with an idea you have and creating some dope concepts.

    Custom Blending Services

    If you can't find what you're looking for then you've come to the right place. Our experiMENTAL team will make custom flavors (from scratch or recipe) and solutions to meet your needs. Being former kitchen crew, our team gets it. You want insane flavors at insanely awesome prices. We match spice blends everyday, we've done some cool notable one's that our lawyer won't let us write about here so just call and ask. And yes, of course we can reverse engineer that blend that the "other guys" won't give up.

    How it works -

    1. We meet/phone chat and then we taste, from there we make a plan and then we begin the formulation process. Next, we bring/send samples to you until they are dialed in perfectly to your specifications. (usually about 2-4 adjustments)
    2. We sit down in your restaurant and together we formulate your own blend out of your current inventory.
    3. Our favorite option - You come join us in our manufacturing facility, we hang out, eat some food and you get to work with the experts in a warehouse full of inventory to get your blend perfectly curated in about an hour or so.

    Wholesale Spices in Denver, Colorado

    It's not a department with us, it's what we do. When we first started this business we did so in a grass roots fashion, starting in the mountains and moving down to the great city of Denver, Colorado. We didn't have a marketing budget, we didn't have money to dole out samples to every kitchen, to be honest, we barely had enough money to buy a printer for price sheets. We didn't have money for attorneys and contracts, deals were made with handshakes. As The Spice Guy continues to grow, we vow to keep our CUSTOMER FIRST attitude.

    What are you waiting for?

    For wholesale spices, herbs and ingredients in Denver, give us a shout. With local delivery twice a week and inventory management, we make this the easiest transaction you never have to think about.

    Contact Zach@TheSpiceGuyCO.com for any/all questions about wholesale spices in Denver.