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GHOSTrack Quarterly Spice Club (1 year pre-paid)

Break down the barriers of boring, thoughtless food with our most exciting product release yet!

The GHOSTrack Quarterly Spice Club is a next level offering of spice and flavor. Small sample sizes are the way of the past. Storage is necessary, not just important. Our customers wanted more and we listened.

So here’s how it works. Every 3 months (December, GHOSTrack customers receive:

3x 4oz. RESTAURANT QUALITY SPICE BLENDS. These aren’t just any spices. Not only are these custom blends featured in restaurants all over the country, they were also narrowed down by subscribers of GHOSTpack Monthly Spice Club subscribers. Yes - our best customers helped us curate this offering so it’s all about getting more of what you love. INSANE FLAVOR.

1x 4oz. ESSENTIAL SPICE. Different cuisines call for different flavors. We think it’s important to introduce you to the essential spice world because all it takes is one raw spice to turn up certain dishes. By the end of your year with us, you’ll be happy to have some nice essentials on your rack.

1x GHOSTrack. We thought long and hard about spice storage for our subscribers and have created a solution unlike others. Every quarter, your 4-4oz. Spice bottles will arrive on a custom cut & engraved spice rack designed and produced by us. The shipment includes hardware for easy installation on a wall or inside your cupboard. Each subsequent rack that arrives fully stocked with our all-natural spices can be added to the one above it. After a year - you have a full rack. See photos for depiction!

$175.00 $225.00