Colorado's Favorite Spice Company


It's a tailgate. In a box. (Beer and bad decisions not included.)

This football season, just say no to shitty tailgate food. Everyone knows that the eating and drinking is just as important as the watching, so let's make the part we CAN control a real winner this season... Okay, coach? Amp up your tailgates with our four best blends for football food — Perfect Burger, Chug Chili, Mango Chipotle and Sriracha Pow.

We also threw a dime bag of our nacho cheese blend in there, you know, in case of emergencies. When things are looking pretty sh*tty for your team at halftime, bust it out to lighten the mood. #cheesefixeseverything (Side note: If you bum tailgate food off of your friends every Saturday and Sunday, this would probably make a nice "thank you" gift, you free loader.)

$24.99 $29.99