Customer Profile: Punch Bowl Social

Customer Profile: Punch Bowl Social


Punchbowl Social 

- Locations Include: Denver/Stapleton 
- Casual Eatertainment 
- $$$
- Why does your company use The Spice Guy?

Punchbowl Social is a from scratch kitchen and The Spice Guy delivers us high-quality, consistent and delicious spices, herbs, and most importantly custom blended spices.

What spice blends does PBS use most?

- The Spice Guys Za'atar Spice is one of our most used blends. We use jars and jars of this every week for our Za'atar Fried Chicken dish. It is a great blend and tastes imported or even better, by far the best Za'atar that we have ever had. 

How did you get hooked up with The Spice Guy?

- Our Denver executive chef, Matt Selby, had met Zach at a previous restaurant he was running, when he came to PunchBowl he brought The Spice Guy with him and it is a transition we regret not making sooner. The Customer Service and attention to detail Zach and his team show to us is incredible. We wouldn't trade him for the world. 

What kind of volume would you say your group uses?

- We change our menu so often and Zach is always on top of it, often time bringing us new product to try out that ends up becoming new dishes on our menu. His expertise is really key in bringing new flavors to dishes. Poundage wise we probably use 4,000-7,000 pounds per location per year.