Customer Profile: Seattle Fish Co.

Customer Profile: Seattle Fish Co.



Seattle Fish Company 

- Locations Include: Denver/Kansas City/Salt Lake City
-Colorado's Largest Fish and Specialty Product Purveyor 
- Wholesale and Retail 

- Why does your company use The Spice Guy?

At Seattle Fish Co. we have a line of specialty products called Gourmet Provisions. The Spice Guy delivers us a handful of custom blended spices that we sell to both retail customers as well as many restaurants. 

How did you get hooked up with The Spice Guy?

- We were both sponsoring a local non-profit event when a mutual contact introduced us, originally we just wanted Zach to give us spices for our house but after we tasted the blend combinations we knew we had to develop a way to sell them. The flavors are just so incredible. Our CEO and CFO rave about them every time they get the chance and chefs tend to agree. They love this stuff and we love working with The Spice Guy 

What kind of volume would you say your group uses?

- The Spice Guy gives us retail and restaurant size portions of the spice blends, we use about 200 pounds every month.