Let’s be real for a minute. How old are the spices sitting in your cabinets right now?

Don’t lie. It won’t make your dinner taste any better.

The truth is, dried spices have a shelf-life, just like anything else worth eating. (Well, except maybe Twinkies.) And, before you head to the grocery store to restock and fix the problem, let us go ahead and hit you with another hard truth — many of those spices have reached their recommended shelf-life before they even leave the store and enter your kitchen.


So, if you’re ready to season your food with some fresh and flavorful ish, the GHOSTrack is for you.

While you can shop the same selection of spices that we sell to restaurants a la carte online, this quarterly spice club contains everything you need to make-over that kitchen. Every 3 months, we’ll send you fresh, award-winning spices designed to ban bland food from your kitchen forever.



So here's what you get in our GHOSTrack Quarterly Spice Club:


Different foods call for different flavors. While we love our blends, we think it’s important to represent essential spices in the GHOSTrack too. Many of these “essentials” are iconic staples for a reason — they’re the foundation of some of the world’s most popular dishes. By the end of your year with us, you’ll have a selection of essentials for your kitchen, from smoked paprika to cumin.


More than 400 restaurants turn to us for spices because they know we always keep a tight, fresh inventory of hard-to-find spices and never-before-seen blends. Many of the blends you’ll get in the GHOSTrack are the same flavors you’ll find in some of your favorite restaurants across Colorado and beyond. For examples, see past interviews with chefs about their favorites on our blog.

1x GHOSTrack produced here in Colorado

Spice storage can be stressful, so, as a bonus, we’ve eliminated that issue for you too. Every quarter, your four 4 ounce spice jars will arrive on a custom cut & engraved spice rack designed and produced by hand in Colorado. Each box includes the hardware for easy installation on a wall or inside your cupboard. You’ll get one shelf per quarter to create a full rack by year’s end.





Order now and hit your kitchen with four fresh new flavors every three months for $44.95. Shipping is FREE.

For a limited time, you can get fresh-to-death spices for $44.95 per quarter, with shipping included.

This price won't last. Frankly, because we can't afford to offer it for very long. We know it’s an investment to fill your kitchen with fresh, restaurant-quality products, but there’s a reason that people do it. You can literally taste the difference. If you have any questions before ordering, hit us up @ hello@thespiceguyco.com and we’d be happy to help you out.

Still Not Convinced? See some reactions to our GHOSTrack:

I love the Roasted Garlic blend! It literally took my grilled chicken game to a level I didn't even know existed. With so much mouth watering flavor, I don't even need dipping sauces anymore! You guys nailed it with this one. Would highly recommend!

Dustin D. - Albuquerque, NM

I used to cook the same 5 things over and over. My kids made fun of me and for Christmas they found the GHOSTrack. I can confidently cook 10 new meals that my teenagers actually eat. 

Betsy B. - Toledo, OH

I met these guys at a the Denver Flea and I'm not sure why but I left with $60 dollars worth of spices. Turns out this was an awesome decision. The spice blends are fresh, fun and so easy to cook with. #GrillMaster 

Randal James - Golden, CO


When Does It Ship?

We send out GHOSTracks on the 15th of December, March, June, and September. If you order in an off month your rack will be shipped with the next round! So all of you May orderers will be shipped out in the middle of June.  

When Is The Cutoff For Each Quarter?

We accept orders right up until the 10th of each ship month. We custom make each spice rack so we need a week or so to get them all printed, built, boxed and sent off.  

Do I Have To Start In January?

Absolutely not, jump into this awesome club all year long! This will NOT effect your rack building capabilities. 

What If I Don't Love One Of The Spices?

We have a 1000% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't absolutely love what you've received just drop us a line and we will replace what you didn't love for the alternate that quarter! We want you to use and abuse our products and to do so you must love them. 

What Happens When I Fall In Love?

Love is a strong word, but we know from experience that "love at first taste" exists. You're gonna fall and you're gonna fall hard. Re-order anything in the racks from our online store and continue the affair.  

Do You Include Recipes?

We sure do! Once a month you will receive a recipe and or video from one of The Spice Guy's filled with how-to's, tricks and tips and the 411 on all things spice. 

Can I Cancel?

You can cancel whenever you want. Which is most likely never, but if you find yourself not wanting the world's best spices cancelling is easy. You're not locked in for the year, we're in this together, you can walk out on us if you need to but we will never leave you.