French Kiss

When just a peck won't do the trick. It's deep, its passionate, it's fresh. It's everything you dreamed it would be the first time you tried it.

The Piment D' Espelette is one of Southern Frances most prized crops. Please - don't tell them that we've blended it with Mexican, American and Vietnamese spices because, let's be honest, they already have a visceral hate towards "silly Americans." It ranks in at only 4,000 on the schoville scale so we consider it more mild and fruity than spicy. French Kiss is AOC-certified and comes from only 1 town in the Basque region of France called, Espelette.

This one-of-a-kind certified dope blend is well-rounded with its mild spice, earthy tones and salty finish you can use it on anything from red meat to salmon to veggies fresh from the garden. All we ask is that you keep it your dirty little secret. MUAH. xoxo

$9.95 $14.00