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Lemon Peel Granules

Lemon Peel Granules

When life gives us lemons, we peel them." 

Our lemon peel comes from the outer yellow layer of the lemon. Lemon peel itself is slightly sweet and fruity.  The white layer underneath is where the bitterness comes from, so our lemon peel does contain a little of that bitterness too.

Use this in desserts (cakes/pies) or mix it with some sugar and lavender and steep for an awesome lavender lemonade. (add vodka if you're trying to party). 

Quick Lemonade Lavender:

3 TBS Lemon peel granules, 2 TBS dried lavender, sugar to taste. 

Steep above mixture in 6 Cups of boiling water for about 4 minutes, allow to cool, strain out sediments, add BRECKENRIDGE VODKA

Party Party Party.