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Oregano - Mediterranean Cut

Oregano, more Italian than Sinatra? We think so. 

Sharp, warm, clean, leafy. These are the words that come to mind when chatting to people about oregano. Chefs prefer to use the leafy version of this herb over the fresh version because it can beast mode through long-simmer sauces after it has been dried. Think about making homemade red sauce for noodles. The tomato sauce cooks for hours but you can still taste oregano at the end, thanks to the drying period that it went through before it was cooked. 

The Mediterranean version is the original type of oregano, and many other versions have been created over the past several years, see our Mexican Oregano as one example. 

The Mediterranean version of this is wildly popular in every facet of Italian cooking, from pizza to infused oils. It is literally everywhere.