Colorado's Favorite Spice Company

Pickling Spice

Pickling Spice. "And that's how I got us into the biggest pickle any of us had ever seen." -The Sandlot

Like relationships, pickling spice blends can quite a bit. Some of the blends are simple, easy, and work really well together. And some other versions are complicated, over-analyzed and have entirely too many characters in the story. 

We take a middle of the road approach with ours, if you're into overcomplicating things, be our guest- but we've made it nice and easy and of course, delicious. 

Ours uses: Yellow Mustard Seed, Allspice, Black Peppercorns, Crushed Red Peppers, Dill Seed, Coriander Seed, Bay Leaves, Cinnamon Stick, Cloves, and last but not least, Fenugreek.

Some cool ideas for this sh*t - add dried chiles to really turn up the heat, cook a craw boil using pickling spice and add cayenne, or; make a jar of freaking pickles! (we're unique, we know.)