Midnight Toker Steak Kebabs

Midnight Toker Steak Kebabs - The Spice Guy

Americans insist on doing things their own way, don’t they?

“Oh, the world uses the metric system? We’ll make our own unit of measurement!”

“Football? Oh, no! We call that soccer. We have our own football.”

“The world spells it ‘kebab?’ We’ll go with ‘kabob.'”

We can’t settle all of these inconsistencies in one day, but we will start with ‘kebab.’ We’re siding with the rest of humanity on this one. K-E-B-A-B.

But, no matter how you want to spell it, these steak kebabs were made for our Midnight Toker blend. And they should be on your grill, like, yesterday.

Steak Kabobs on the Grill

The Midnight Toker blend has been a best-seller with barbecue dudes, grill masters and all around gangsters of love since we started. It includes some badass Syrian import chiles like the Aleppo chile flake — one that has more of a fruit flavor than the heat you’d expect. It’s the perfect blend to blast onto something as simple as kebabs and have the whole crew asking how you became a flavor master overnight.

Feel free to experiment with the meat and veggie combos on this recipe. Not only would it be great with chicken, you could also sub out some interesting vegetables depending on the season. Really, the only non-negotiable here is the Midnight Toker.

Grab a jar here and let’s get cooking.

Midnight Toker Spice with Kabobs


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