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The Crackling sound of the fire, the cold crisp night air. This is Colorado, except, you don't need any of that, transform your plate into a live-fire cooked taste with no fire or smoke. The Campfire Box brings the outdoors indoors.

It really is that easy with The Campfire Box. This custom curated box of blends makes any meal taste like you went out, chopped wood, fired it up, slaved over the coals and then plated it like a pro.

These spices cover the gambit of fire flavors that you would want to experience.

With the Colorado Campfire we want you to cook chicken, steaks, tacos, shrimp, veggies, anything you would blacken you can substitue this amazing blend. Don't get us started on how good this spice is in a chili or a stew. Fire forward, flavor fantastic.

Our Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt is something heaven sent. A perfect particle of Pacific Ocean Sea Salt that has been smoked hard and hot over alderwood chunks giving this salt an incredible aromatic and taste of an amazing but light smoke flavor.

 Our Smoked Paprika is literally the finest in the World. Hungarian citizenship means that this paprika is nothing but the finest pedigree and life until it is smoked in the upstairs of a two story clay building in which the first floor is a nice burning fire and the attic holds chiles that wind up being smoked for days or weeks depending on the humidity of the chile.


The Mesquite Charcoal is a special blend that we only offer in this gift box. It has been a staple of so many sports bars in Denver that you would think it's going out of style. The coconut skins that are charred to get that black color add a great sweetness that your tongue might do tricks for. The mellow mesquite flavoring backing up the blend makes this #certifieddope blend one that you're going to pull out time and time again.

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