How to Grill Burgers Like a Boss – Tips from Colorado Chefs

How to Grill Burgers Like a Boss – Tips from Colorado Chefs - The Spice Guy
Is there a better way to round out Perfect Burger month than to ask the Colorado pros to share their secrets? We don’t think so.

We asked five chefs behind some of our favorite burgers in Colorado to tell us their top burger tips — from choosing meat and seasoning to grilling and topping. As you’ll see, there are some common themes to note in here to reach burger nirvana. And, if you do, tag us on Instagram using #TheSpiceGuyCo.

Thanks to these chefs (all Spice Guy customers!) for sharing their tips with us today:

Mind the Meat

5280 Burger Bar - Denver

“Buying local meat is key: It tastes great, it isn’t traveling far and it isn’t frozen. Also patty your own burgers. It’s easy to buy the burgers in the packs that are already prepped, but if you do it yourself, the fat is distributed evenly and you can control the size, which will help you hit the perfect temperature.”
– Derek Baril, 5280 Burger Bar –
“Keep it fresh, not frozen. And remember happy cows making happy burgers.”
– Spencer Gary, Vesper –
“Start with the right quality of meat!”
– Andrea DeShano, Midwestern Saloon –
“First, get quality meat! We source form Western Daughters and use grass fed grass finished beef.”
– Caitlin Allison and The American Grind team –
“It all starts with the meat. Go for high quality and local. I love Carter Country Meats.”
– Nate Singer, Blackbelly –

Season Smartly

Midwestern Saloon - Denver

“Season the burger liberally with The Spice Guy dankness! Then let sit for at least 15 minutes after rubbing it in.”
– Nate Singer, Blackbelly –
“Don’t forget the best seasoning!” <- (p.s. they use Perfect Burger!)
– Andrea DeShano, Midwestern Saloon–
Don’t be scared to season properly.”
– Caitlin Allison and The American Grind team–
“Make sure the buns are great quality, and, for a simple seasoning try a little mustard seed, salt and pepper. They go a long way.”
– Spencer Gary, Vesper –

Practice Patience

American Grind - Denver

“Another tip is to season your grill and get it hot before you put the burgers on. Twenty minutes before you plan to cook, turn on the grill and season it with oil or even fat. This will put perfect marks on your burgers.”
– Derek Baril, 5280 Burger Bar –
“Don’t press your patties on the grill. Let the grill do the work for you.”
– Spencer Gary, Vesper –
“Avoid squishing the burger or flipping too often. That’s key. Then, have patience and let it rest.”
– Andrea DeShano, Midwestern Saloon –
“Pre-heat your grill to med-high. Grill burger on one side until you see the top of the burger start to crack and bleed just a little then flip it, top it and let the cheese melt. That seals in the juiciness. It usually takes around 8-10 minutes total for the perfect one.”
– Nate Singer, Blackbelly –
“Don’t ruin the good meat by smashing it! Let the juices stay there and add to the deliciousness! Only flip the burger once.”
– Caitlin Allison and The American Grind team –

Bonus - Top It

“Be creative with your burgers, get crazy think of your favorite ingredients and use your burger patty as a vehicle. From Guacamole to Kim-Chi,Sriracha, and Green Chili. Using different cheeses and sauces can really make your burger special.”
– Derek Baril, 5280 Burger Bar –

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