The Spice Guy on TV + A Potential Award

The Spice Guy on TV + A Potential Award - The Spice Guy

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for The Spice Guy team. Not only did we move into a new space (photos and details coming soon!), we’ve also had some exciting invitations come our way — the FOX31 morning show and a nomination for the Ernst & Young regional Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Here’s how it all shook out.

Fox 31 KDVR Morning News

Spice Guy on Fox News

This week Zach was invited to join the Fox morning show team to talk about The Spice Guy and share some recipes for the summer. He cooked some salmon on air using our newest blend — French Kiss — and started cooking a beet salad before they ran out of time! See the full video below – and watch out for that beet salad cliffhanger at the end. We promise to share the recipe soon.

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Nomination

Ernst and Young Award

A few weeks ago, Ernst & Young approached Zach to let him know that he’s been nominated for their Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Mountain Desert region and encouraged him to complete the application process — including an interview and cocktail hour that he and his wife Randi attended (pictured above with the upcoming #SpiceSpiceBaby in tow!)

Zach explained the process to us.

“The application process was actually kind of lengthy compared to what I thought it was going to be,” he said. “They honestly do vet out these companies that they choose really well and they want to make sure that you’re running good business and that it’s not just all smoke and mirrors.”

Although there’s some tough competition, we’re rooting for Zach while also recognizing what an accomplishment it is to even be nominated.

“I’m honestly still so surprised when anyone nominates me for anything,” he added. “What I think most people don’t realize is that 3.5 years ago we were working out of our garage. Just trying to figure out how we could deliver all of these spices out of the back of a 4 door Subaru Impreza. It’s not very often that I take a step back and look at everything we’ve built as a team over the last few years, but this kind of nomination really does that for you and forces you to look at what you and your team have built. Ultimately, I think it left me feeling proud that all the hard work that the team and I have put in is starting to pay off.”

Keep your fingers crossed for Zach – we’ll find out about the winners in a few weeks! As always, thanks for your support.

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